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By Atekelt Afework

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Hats from Coffee, Algae, & Cactus

Built for summer, travel, activewear & everyday – super soft, extra UV protection, crushable visor, washable, no logos, and sustainable


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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, November 12 2021 11:08 AM.


Hi, we’re zach and cameron. We started Storied Hats two years ago because we couldn’t find quality hats, made from sustainable materials, in a range of designs without aggressive branding. 

After selling over 10,000 hats and receiving 99% 5-star reviews, we're really excited to launch our most versatile and most sustainable hats yet – made from used coffee grounds, cactus, algae biomass, and more. 

We're confident your cranium will be thrilled and Mother Earth will be proud. 


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Risks and challenges

Because we've been around for two years, we don't see significant risk since we've already produced close to 100 different hat styles. The hats for this campaign are our most complicated because we're creating materials from scratch that require significant upfront costs for our business. Getting this campaign in front of enough people to ensure we hit our goal is the biggest challenge. But we're confident that once people read about these hats -- the style, quality, versatility, and sustainability -- we will be successful.

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May 14, 2021

Project launched

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